Learning for Life

The French American Academy of Arizona provides a new opportunity for public school choice through our unique, proven successful, dual language immersion program. FrenchAm Academy is for:

  • Students seeking a full, dual-language immersion program
  • Students seeking a French-English dual language program
  • Students seeking a more rigorous, traditional, teacher-led program than their local school provides

Our full, dual language immersion program allows your child to complete Elementary school in both English and French at the same time. The fast pace is perfect for students who appreciate a challenge, Francophone students wishing to continue their studies in their native language, or families who want their children to leave Elementary school able to read, speak, write, and understand two top international languages.

FrenchAm students regularly outscore their peers in Arizona and France on standardized tests - and they do it having only half the amount of instructional time in each language.

K Classroom


FrenchAm Academy students are taught to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will benefit them through all of school and life.

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Character development is a cornerstone of FrenchAm Academy's Learning for Life philosophy. Students here learn to respect themselves and one another and develop understanding and appreciation of their community, country, and our world.

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Next Steps...

Are you ready to give your child the chance to learn a top international language that opens up their world?

Legal Posting

Average Teacher Salary (A. R. S. §15-189.05)

  • Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2020: #27,600
  • Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2019: $23,800
  • Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2019: $3,800
  • Percentage increase: 16.0%

Note: 'FY19 was first year as public charter school, so there is no applicable data for FY18.

Governing Board Meeting Notices

  • Public notices are posted on the About Us > Governing Board page of this web site.
  • Public notices are also posted in the FrenchAm Academy's lobby.

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