Our Mission

The French American Academy of Arizona offers a challenging academic environment of dual language immersion designed for elementary students to progress in scholastic achievement concurrently in the languages of French and English. The Academy’s educational philosophy of “Learning for Life” means an emphasis not only superior academic achievement but also the development of character, respect for oneself and the value of others, and the appreciation of learning.

Our Vision

  • Students at FrenchAm will progress through challenging curriculum in French and English language immersion concurrently, in a traditional, teacher-led learning environment
  • Enrichment activities including project work will enhance the student’s learning and provide an opportunity for collaborative work and hands-on experience
  • Students will learn critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills
  • Students will not be educated as training to take standardized tests and their results on standardized tests will reflect actual knowledge transfer
  • During and outside of coursework, students will be expected to practice respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers, and their school to build understanding of how their actions affect those outside themselves
  • Students will learn about their community, their country, other countries, and our world through a multi-cultural environment of students from different heritages
  • Students who graduate FrenchAm will be able to express themselves confidently verbally and in writing in French and English at or above grade level

Meet the Team

Meet the Founding Team of the French American Academy of Arizona

Corinne Arnout

Corinne Arnout

Founder - Chief Education Officer

Corinne is an educator with more than 20 years' experience in dual language Early Childhood and Elementary education. She founded the French American School of Arizona in 2010.

Patrice Arnout

Patrice Arnout

Founder - Chief Administrative Officer

Patrice hails from France and has been in dual language education administration for the past seven years. He founded the French American School of Arizona with Corinne in 2010.


Amy Shaw

Director of Operations

Amy (or "Shaw") is an operations executive with 20 years' experience in Fortune 100 and privately-owned companies creating and leading high-performing teams. Her child has been enrolled at FrenchAm since 2012.

Careers at FrenchAm

Working at FrenchAm means joining a multicultural team in a fun, relaxed environment dedicated to education. Our teachers and staff enjoy free tuition for their children aged 1 to 5 enrolled at the FrenchAm School. Knowledge of French is preferred but not required for English language instructors and staff.

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