FrenchAm is Family

When you decide to send your child to the FrenchAm Academy, you are joining a family. The school's sister institution, The French American School of Arizona, has been in existence since 2010 and has a history of fun, family-themed events. This tradition continues at FrenchAm Academy.

Family Nights

As a French school, we believe food and drink are a large part of the socialization process to be respected and enjoyed with company and conversation. We celebrate various events through the year with Potluck Evenings and Family Nights, gathering to have fun and share the foods and customs of our different heritages. Halloween, American Thanksgiving, and International Night are some of these specially themed events.


Shows and Student Performances

One of our favorite events is the Christmas Holiday Show. The school is not affiliated with any religious organization but recognizes the holiday as it is celebrated here in the US. Each year, the students present an original work filled with songs in English and French, followed by a potluck breakfast featuring each family's traditional holiday dish. To mark the end of the school year, each class performs a song or piece of poetry as part of our Graduation Celebration. Of course there is plenty of celebrating at this event, too.

Fundraising Events

FrenchAm Academy holds several fundraising events throughout the year. Mom's Night Out has featured raffles, vendors, and silent auctions. Date Night is a monthly opportunity for parents to drop the kids off for a few hours of school-provided babysitting. We also hold a very successful French Bakery sale once a year, host a French language Book Fair, and coordinate several other popular events designed to raise money for the Academy.

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Join us.

We are waiting for you to become part of the FrenchAm Family.