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Learning for Life

Students at The French American Academy of Arizona learn not only logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, they also develop character, respect, and appreciation for learning through a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum designed around universal themes to engage and inspire the whole child.

Traditional, Teacher-Led Instruction – In Two Languages

FrenchAm Academy provides a tuition-free education option for families of students seeking a traditional learning environment where students are taught and learn in French and English. Students at FrenchAm Academy receive instruction in one language per day, alternating by day, taught by native speakers.

Academic Challenge

FrenchAm Academy offers an environment that is academically challenging in its curriculum, pace, and scope, because students are progressing simultaneously in French and English. Students in our rigorous, dual language program regularly outscore their peers in both American and French schools. These high scores are achieved despite the students receiving approximately half the hours of instruction in the language of the test as compared to their peers in France and locally in Arizona.

Real Learning

At FrenchAm Academy, instructors do not “teach to the test”. Students are taught to develop their own critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills to promote real learning. Building these skills in elementary school creates a solid foundation for continued academic success and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances throughout life.

Small Class Size

FrenchAm offers small class sizes, with an average teacher-student ration of 1-12. This low student-teacher ratio enables our instructors to tailor instruction on a scale that is not possible when the class size is larger. This small class size is key to enabling our students to master both languages while obtaining a high level of achievement in all core academic areas. Because of the small size, teachers are able to continually assess student performance and quickly respond to student learning needs with remediation when necessary.

Culturally Diverse Environment

FrenchAm Academy offers an environment that is culturally diverse, giving students the opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of cultural differences from an early age. Many FrenchAm students come from across the globe or are the first-generation of natural-born citizen children of parents who emigrated to the US. 65% come from homes in which at least one language other than English is commonly spoken by one or more parents. Languages our instructors speak in addition to French or English include German, Spanish, Arabic, and Kabyle, a Berber language native to North Africa.

Character Development

FrenchAm offers an environment which allows the development of character, respect, and appreciation of the community, country, and our world. Our monthly school-wide learning themes allow exploration of the external world with topics such as the Earth, the Oceans, Animals, Helping Professions, and How Food Gets to our Tables, at levels and intensities appropriate for each grade level. Students participate in the care of their personal workspace, classrooms, and our “cantine” or lunchroom by assisting in tidying and cleaning up after activities.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to enroll your child in a school that will give them the foundation for life that our French-English dual language program can provide?