Universal Themes, Two Languages

FrenchAm Academy provides a comprehensive core curriculum in both French and English simultaneously from which teachers build and expand on the universal themes selected for a given month or year in order to align our educational philosophy with Arizona State and French National Ministry of Education standards. Monthly themes include the Earth, Our Oceans, Helping Professions, How Food Gets to our Tables, and many others.

Curriculum Supporting our Philosophy

At FrenchAm Academy, we strive to incorporate the best of French and English language curriculum to encourage the development of logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and individual character.

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Traditional and Inclusive

FrenchAm Academy is a teacher-led learning environment where traditional literacy skills begin early. Our students learn poetry to enrich their vocabulary, learn proper pronunciation, and to develop their memory. In Kindergarten, our students begin to learn to write clearly in cursive, a skill proven important for brain development[1].

FrenchAm Academy’s culturally rich and diverse environment enables students to learn about and demonstrate a high level of respect and curiosity for differences and other cultures. Our Social Studies curriculum, for example, enables students to have a strong understanding of world history and geography while they learn and grow alongside students from other neighborhoods, states, and countries.

[1] “Ten Reasons People Still Need Cursive”, by Jennifer Doverspike, on The Federalist, February 25, 2015

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