The Best of French and English

Students at FrenchAm Academy progress through their core academic subjects in both French and English using curriculum selected to meet Arizona or French National Ministry of Education standards.

Our Literacy and Math curriculum features:

  • English language textbooks published by McGraw-Hill
  • Taoki and Rallye Lecture French Elementary literacy textbooks and workbooks
  • Singapore mathematics offered in French
    • Offers a balance between creative problem-solving and drills
    • Allows students to develop skills in alignment with our educational philosophy


Math Book 2

Discovery of the World

Discovery of the World (Découverte du Monde) is the focus of FrenchAm Academy’s Social Studies curriculum. The curriculum includes the universal themes, and students are able to express creativity through project-based assignments in addition to teacher-led instruction. The Discovery of the World/Découverte du Monde focus is used in both the English and French-taught classes.

Scientific inquiry is the focus of FrenchAm Academy’s Science curriculum. This Science curriculum in English or French supports topics introduced in the Discovery of the World curriculum used in Social Studies. It incorporates the universal themes and a variety of materials supporting a problem-solving approach and continual development of curiosity.

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